Memories Newly Released Book Sister Claudette Marie Muhammad

“Through the years as I have come to know and work with Sister Claudette, I have admired her sense of loyalty, her quiet strength and tenacity. Her memoirs could well have been characterized as the making of what Maya Angelou would call “A Phenomenal Woman”. In her book, Sister Claudette shares much of her life’s journey. The candor keeps you in touch with a real person. She does not mince her words. Nor does she shy away from sharing some of her lowest moments. As I read her Memories, I felt that all her life had prepared her for her calling to the Nation of Islam and the responsible role as Chief of Protocol for the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, creating new memories of helping our people.”

-Dr. Dorothy I. Height, Chair/President Emerita,

National Council of Negro Women, Inc.

“I’m blown away! Memories is so compelling and a compliment to Sister Claudette’s life. The story is written as though Sister Claudette is sitting with you, telling her story. It is excellent and I was moved to tears.”

- Dr. Cathy Hughes, Chairperson, Radio One/TV One, Inc.

“As I read Sister Claudette’s Memories, I was moved by the connection of her life story to that of  Black people in America. She, like many of us, used the spirit within to turn her scars into stars and place morals over money. Memories is most instructive to those who, undaunted by the pathos of life, lean on God as a compass and a crutch for direction and an upright lifestyle. May God continue to shine through Sister Claudette and Memories as a beacon to the bewildered. Through it all, He has ‘Kept Hope Alive’!”

- Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., Chairman, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition

“This book, Memories: Dead to the Old Life, Yielding the New Life of God, introduces us to a remarkable woman. The reader is amazed at the places she has visited, the people she has met and the impact she has had and is having on the world. I salute Sister Claudette Muhammad for the woman she has become and the courageous, colorful and exciting life she is living.”

-Dr. Maya Angelou