I have been acquainted with Sister Claudette Marie Muhammad for a little over 20 years and she has worked with and for me for approximately 20 years. When you work closely with a person for many days, months and years under varied circumstances you begin to think that you know the person and you may think that you know the person quite well, but how many of us really know the persons that we take close to us or persons with whom we work?

How many of us really get to know the persons with whom we interact on a daily basis? When Sister Claudette wrote this book, “Memories” and shared her life with me through this book, I realized how much I did not know about the person who has been working so closely with me for these many years. I have always respected Sister Claudette, her talents, her abilities and her zeal in getting a job done, but to know what makes a person who they are and what they are, you have to become acquainted with the things of their life that maybe you never speak of that helped to shape that person to be the person whom you ultimately meet.

After reading, “Memories”, I respected her more, I loved her more, because through this book I got to know the trials of her life and the ups and downs of her life that helped to shape the person that I met a little over 20 years ago. Her book, “Memories” made me to know how important it is for our children to know what their parents go through to get the children to where they are in life and her book made me to know that if parents shared with their children those things in life that shape them, the struggles that they went through, the victories and defeats of life, then we would never look outside of our homes for a hero, for, we would find in our moms, our dads and those who struggle to make a way for us, a true hero indeed. 

Lastly, through my reading of her story in “Memories,” I realized more so that every human being is a book and that we would never get to know one another as fully as we could or should until our history is written and the nuances of our lives are brought forth, then and only then can people know who they truly walked with and among.

May Allah (God) bless Sister Claudette Marie Muhammad that her latter days will be better than her former days as she continues to write her testament of her history.

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan